Italian Granite for a Touch of Luxury to Richmond Hill Homes

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Italian Granite for Richmond Hill Home Renovations
Richmond Hill homeowners will benefit greatly from an investment in granite as part of a remodeling or renovation project because, not only does it beautify any room it is added to, it can also greatly add value to the house, should it ever need to be sold.
Add Luxury – Add Italian Granite
Along with the beauty and value that Italian granite adds to a home, it is also a coveted choice for many other reasons:
  • Versatility - Granite is extremely versatile, meaning it can be used in a variety of ways and looks appropriate in any area.
  • Heat Resistant – Italian granite is able to withstand high temperatures
  • Scratch resistant – Incredibly dense and hard surfaced, granite can survive just about any abuse from slices, scratches to full on impact.
  • Bacteria resistant – Italian granite is one of the less porous choices in natural stone, which makes it resistant to bacteria as well as easier to maintain.
Speaking of Versatility - Richmond Hill Residential Projects Using Italian Granite
The possibilities of Italian granite applications are virtually unlimited and can complement any project regardless of size. With granite available in both slab and tile form, and also a wide range of colours to choose from, here is a selection that will work perfectly with any vision.
In the kitchen – Granite can often be found as flooring, countertop surfaces, backsplashes, or as decorative edging on wall and counter edges.
In the bathroom – Use Italian granite for bathtub or shower surrounds and backsplashes, tiling on floors, and counter surfaces.
In the hallway – Much like the kitchen and the bathroom, front entrance hallways are high traffic area and also, often the first thing a guest sees as they enter a home. Durable Italian granite floor tiles are a perfect material to add that wow factor to create just the right first impression.
In the backyard – granite can turn a simple backyard space into an outdoor oasis. Use Italian granite as an alternative to cement patios or create a fire pit that will be the envy of every visitor.
And anywhere else - Whether as an accent piece or a functional piece, smaller pieces of granite can also be used to add attractive touches to any room in the house. Mosaic tile wall designs created with small pieces of granite tile can tie a room together better than any Picasso, and a granite cutting board in the kitchen will outlast any wood counterpart and always look no worse for the wear.
Italian Granite Experts in Richmond Hill
For the best value and best prices on Italian granite in Richmond Hill, look for a top importer and distributor to provide help with any natural stone requirement. Marble, quartz, engineered stone, and more await the savvy renovator along with over 30 years of industry knowledge, the largest fleet of trucks in Ontario, and great advice for all projects that call for high quality natural stone including Italian Granite for Richmond Hill Homes.